Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Location

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Another short week....

We had yet another short week this week thanks to the public school kids being off Monday for MLK day and then Friday for the end of the semester in service day. Of course this meant extra children in the house, which means NO schooling got done.

We continued learning the 6 principle parts of Latin verbs and reviewing of our vocabulary. We also continued our LA review of nouns, singular, plural, irregular plural, etc. We received our new math curriculum (Math U See) so we did a few little lessons and the kids are really enjoying it, despite the fact that a lot of it is review. We are looking forward to seeing more of the lessons with it.

We also learned about Van Gogh, studied a few of his more famous paintings, and learned of his life.

Kyley worked on more researching of elements as Dawson worked through the Cretaceous Period with his dinosaur unit study. Kyley also finished up her research report and just needs to edit it.

We also went over exactly what caring meant to us and ways that we can show people that we care. We came up with ideas that we can implement to show the people around us that we do care for them

But like I said it was a pretty short week so not too much was accomplished.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homeschooling isn't always rainbows and sunshine....

.....sometimes it is the thunder and rain that it takes to get to that rainbow.

I found a similar post like this on another home schooling mama's blog and I thought I would post one of my own.

There will certainly be days ....

  • when you are out and every well meaning adult that you run into asks if you have the day off of school
  • when you tell the aforementioned adult above that no you are indeed "home schooling" and they promptly roll their eyes so far back in their head that you really debate on whether or not to smack them
  • when again that same adult mentioned above asks if you are worried about socialization and you debate on going into a full on lecture about the lack of "socialization" of your children's public school peers and then just opt to say no not at all, they can always find mail order spouses if the need arises.
  • when your children declare that they hate you and wish to return to "real school" and based on the day you actually debate on sending them.
  • when your children are bouncing off the walls and you debate pulling out the duct tape to keep them still for at least 10 minutes of lessons
  • when your children say that they HATE their classmates and refuse to be in the same room as them, so you can forget about that amazingly cool science experiment you had planned
  • when you really, REALLY don't feel like teaching
  • when you really, REALLY don't feel like parenting either
  • when you give up after an especially trying day and say I'M DONE! SERIOUSLY DONE! You guys are going to SCHOOL!
  • Despite the fact that home schooling can be rough and very trying, it also has amazing perks that I could have ever even imagined. There are days that I want to quit, but then there are days that I wouldn't change the way things are going for the world.

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Our week in review.....

    This week we had an unexpected shortened week of lessons, but it went fairly well.

    We worked out with our Wii Fit Plus, doing some yoga and strength training, then we did a little origami and tangrams on our daily calendars. We have also been working on some character training by learning about the types of people that we are on the inside and what we would like to do in order to change or better ourselves.

    We have been learning about latin verbs with our Lively Latin course, that we absolutely LOVE! We also did a lot of review of our vocabulary utilizing our HyperDash game. We also have HyperBlast and I am almost certain that we will be using that game to work through vocabulary as well.

    Dawson and I have been doing a unit study on dinosaurs, utilizing The Magic Tree House book Dinosaurs Before Dark, as well as a pocket book center from Evan Moor about dinosaurs. We went to the library to get some books about dinosaurs and found a cool series (Scholastic News Books) that will allow him to read and research a bit on his own. We have also spent some time playing this game and making a diorama. We have found a few other links here that we will utilize.

    Dawson making his dinosaur lapbook



    Kyley is not doing this unit study with us, instead she is working on a research report on dance.

    Here she is doing some research.


    We also reviewed a lot of math concepts while we wait for our new math curriculum to come. With Dawson we reviewed telling time and Kyley was reviewing factoring and multiples and square roots.

    We have been tying in a lot of our language arts with our unit studies/research reports so this week Dawson worked on cause and effect while Kyley worked on writing outlines and bibliographies.

    We found a new art program that we are starting considering that we have pulled Dawson from his cyber school (k12 based) and we used their art program for our basis in what we did for Kyley in art. So this week we created our portfolios and watched a preview of artists that we will be learning about with this wonderful art program. 



    We also reviewed and did a little more in depth research on Greek Gods and important people in Greek history.

    Plus a lot of free play time.....before our snow melted.

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Work Box Wednesday.....a little late.

    I had every intention of blogging this on Wednesday but got home a little late and was feeling pretty under the weather...and then yesterday I didn't get onto the computer at ALL because I was again under the weather. So here is our workbox post for the week.

    Our schedule for the day was a short one due to the fact that our local public school kids had a half day for teacher enrichment so I had a bunch of extra children @ 12p.


    They do boxes 1-2: Wii Fit Routine (yoga or strength training) and then  Daily Calendar (I got these great calendars at 5 below for $3....and the kids love them)

    Dawson (8)




    Tangram daily calendar

    Kyley (11)



    Origami calendar...(I didn't get a pic of her calendar in her box because she rushes down every morning to fold her next one)

    Then our morning meeting in which we were discussing our character muscles and determining what types of people we are. We went over our strengths as well as what we think we should work on. Then we did our weather report,  our menu for the day as well as individual schedules.



    Then we covered Latin verbs with Lively Latin.

    They had a snack while completely boxes 3-6

    Dawson's (8)

    We are doing a dinosaur unit study using Magic Tree House Book #1 Dinosaurs Before Dark and then Evan Moor Dinosaur Pocket Book from as well as a few library books and other resources.


    Reading 1 chapter and then completing a comprehension/grammar/vocab worksheet from the book


    Evan Moor Pocket Book Triceratops today


    Starting a diorama of Cretaceous Period.


    Typing using Typing Instructor.

    Kyley (11)


    Spelling words from (winter weather words)


    Her research report this quarter (Dance)

    reading an article


    Engraving art from Michael's.

    Then we had lunch and then did boxes 7-10

    Dawson (8)


    Using foam clock and then time flash cards that I created and laminated to learn quarter till/after, half past etc. (For some reason this was a concept that he was struggling with)


    Sight words


    Cause and Effect worksheet


    Building Legos

    Kyley (11)


    Chemistry Lapbook...research 4 elements


    Square Roots


    Review of Book Titles/Quotations Grammar


    Read a book

    Then they had to write in their journals. I found a monthly journal on abcteach that gives special days throughout the month and things to write about. Apparently this week was Pizza Week so they wrote about their favorite pizza toppings and why.

    Like I said this was a shortened day for us, so their work boxes weren't very intensive and we didn't do history or fine arts.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Props to Hyper Dash game....

    ....for making a great game that inspired me to do something fun and exciting for our Latin vocabulary review today. I randomly placed the targets around the room and then set up words under the numbers 1-5 and the kids had to race around the room finding the appropriate number called out then come up to the white board and recite the word and give the definition under the number of the target that they had just hit then move on to find their next target to see how many words they could answer correctly before their time was up. The kids had a BLAST working through the vocabulary this way...and you would be surprised at how many they remembered while keeping active. :) I think this will be something that we do quite often to continue reviewing our vocabulary.

    It gave our school day a wonderful start. The rest of our day went fairly well.....with a minor mishap at our McDs playdate. I ended up getting into it with another mom there because she didn't think her 4 yo old son punching lil man in the face was reason for discipline, and then went on to say that lil man deserved it because he probably antagonized the situation because he was a "freak homeschooler." UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I find it funny that my "freak homeschooler" was able to maintain composure and not retaliate with violence but rather his words. *sigh...some people

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Day 1....of OUR new year...

    Well this was our 1st official day back to schooling since the start of the new year and it went fairly well. I set up a new system, yet again, and it seemed to work well.

    I picked up a dry erase schedule strip at the dollar spot at Target way back and I just added some velcro dots to that and the back of some schedule cards and we have a loose schedule that looks something like this.


    Boxes 1-2 (which are Wii Fit or their daily calendars)

    Morning Meeting (which includes going over our calendar, anything interesting that somebody would like to share, we cover our menu for the day and discuss the food pyramid and determine if our meals are healthy choices, then our character training)

    Latin (2 days a week worksheets, 3 days a week just vocab/chant review)

    Boxes 3-6 (while having a snack)


    History (which will alternate with religion)

    Handwriting (which will alternate with art, music, photography, or computer skills)

    Boxes 7-10

    and lastly journal

    I will do a more detailed post on Wednesday for our workbox wednesday post.


    I am pleased to say that today went fairly well  though and I feel like I am MOTIVATED again.